27 Jan 2021


Dear Everybody


This week (Week 4) we will deliver on Wednesday and probably, maybe as well on Thursday. :)

From now, all your orders have to be made on the website. Our B2B website is ready. Please register if you haven't done so. Once you have registered, send us an email for approval. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to login to our B2B site.


Any sugestions or the problem to the website plese feel free to contact us.


As you might have known, Martin is not working with us anymore, all deliveries will be made by Zygistas, his phone no. is 52710127

If you have any questions send Kung SMS at 26238233 or call Jesper at 20458233


Happy a very lovely week.

Delivery  date:

  • Wednesday 27th January
  • Thursday 28th January

Special agreement. (Contact us)