15 January 2022

Dear all

Next week we are getting Tarocco oranges, normal oranges, clementines and kumquats from Salamita
The Tarocco orange is a mix of blood orange and normal orange, less sweet with a bit more acidity. The skin is thin and it has no seeds. 

Kumquat is a small citrus fruit the size of a walnut with edible sweet skin and acidity in the flesh. Kumquats are nice in salads and great for jam. Or just eat them whole.

Right now we have a lot of kale, Tuscan kale, green kale, winter savoy and beautiful green and purple brussel sprouts. Also celery, leeks and cabbage in the fields. 

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The website is currently being upgraded. Please let us know if you encounter any difficulties. 

With love,
The team at Birkemosegaard ♡

Practical info:

  • Please place your orders before 14 o’clock the day before deliveries.
  • Write a comment, if you have any wishes for delivery time or day, so we will be as efficient on the trip as possible.
  • All orders have to be made on B2B site.

* Remember, only approval customers are able to login to B2B site.


Contact info: 

  • Technical info, website, login: Golf ☎ 26717225
  • Plants, cultivate and harvest: Jesper ☎ 20458233
  • Deliveries: Zygintas ☎ 52710127
  • Anything else: Kung ☎ 26238233