February 4 2023

Dear all

This is the time of year where we don't get many new Danish products, but we got a lot of nice organic and Demeter products from Italy, Spain and other countries.


From our own fields we have cabbage, celeriac, beets, celery, onions and potatoes, also small washed Alouette.
The kalettes still need to grow a bit more. Green kale is over for now. 
We still have big Angold apples. 

From Rønnely we have parsley root and parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes, carrots and candy beets and we have Danish garlic from Hvidløg & Vin.

From Italy we have purple artichokes in boxes with 25 pieces pr. box. We also have Italien radicchio in 3 kg boxes, cauliflower, broccoli, fennel and lemon bergamotte, Tarocco semi-blood oranges, juicy Navelina oranges, normal lemons and quince. 

From Augustin we have the very nice Demeter apples, Wellant and Elstar. Crisp and acidic with some sweetnes.

With love, Birkemosegaard

Please remember we deliver Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
No deliveries Thursday, except from restaurants on the Thursday box rute. 

Practical info:

  • Please place your orders before 14 o’clock the day before deliveries.
  • Write a comment, if you have any wishes for delivery time or day, so we will be as efficient on the trip as possible.
  • All orders have to be made on B2B site.

* Remember, only approval customers are able to login to B2B site.

Contact info: 

  • Technical info, website, login: Golf ☎ 26717225
  • Plants, cultivate and harvest: Jesper ☎ 20458233
  • Deliveries: Zygintas ☎ 52710127
  • Kitchen: Rikke ☎ 26740928
  • Anything else: Kung ☎ 26238233