May 26 2023

Dear all

Another warm weekend is approaching and while writing this newsletter we are very busy prepping for our pop up restaurant at Bloom festival together with our friends from Kiosken på Odden and thankfully getting help from Tilda & Karl.

We have some new Danish produce coming in.
We just got big San Marzano tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and aubergine from Lykkesholm.
We are also now selling asparagus from Svanholm. Unfortunately Vores Mark is experiencing a big insect attack and have to cut down their field already. We are also experiencing this, but cross over fingers we can manage to keep the field going.

We don't have much of our own produce at the moment, only potatoes as Jesper is cutting down the kale field now. So no more kale or kale flowers.
We have cucumbers from Lykkesholm and Rhubarbs from Skyttes.
From Rønnely we have parsnips, celeriac, Jerusalem artichokes, long beets and red onions.
Carrots are new from Italy. 

Eggs are back in about a month. 

With love,
Birkemosegaard ♡

Please remember we deliver Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
No deliveries Thursday, except from restaurants on the Thursday box rute. 

Practical info:

  • Please place your orders before 14 o’clock the day before deliveries.
  • Write a comment, if you have any wishes for delivery time or day, so we will be as efficient on the trip as possible.
  • All orders have to be made on B2B site.

* Remember, only approval customers are able to login to B2B site.

Contact info: 

  • Technical info, website, login: Golf ☎ 26717225
  • Plants, cultivate and harvest: Jesper ☎ 20458233
  • Deliveries: Zygintas ☎ 52710127
  • Kitchen: Rikke ☎ 26740928
  • Anything else: Kung ☎ 26238233