1 October 2022

Dear all

A new week is approaching with new produce from us.

Autumn has arrived and we have harvested the first celeriac with top and big 10 kg Cinderella Pumpkins. 

Unfortuately we have had a huge insect attack on the kale, so right now we have very little in stock. We still have white and red kale as well as Filderkraut. The green kale and Cavelo Nero is from Rønnely right now. The brussel sprout tops are also not good.

We still have lots of hokkaido, chard, beets, leeks, celery, garlic, onions, and parsley. We also have dill-, koriander- and fennel flower. And of course potatoes - Elfe, Glorietta and Alouette.

We just picked new Holstein Cox and Ingrid Marie apples, very crisp with nice acidity. And we have Aroma in stock. 

From Lykkesholm we have cucumbers, tomatoes, red chili and Hungarian hot wax chili and from Kiselgården Romaine salad.

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Green boxes
Please remember to return the green boxes back.
We are missing a lot of them and they are expensive.

Deadline for orders 
Please remember to order before 2 pm the day before delivery.

With love,
The team at Birkemosegaard ♡

**Delivery on Fridays**
Please remember we deliver Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday now!
No deliveries Thursday, except from restaurants on the Thursday box rute. 

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Practical info:

  • Please place your orders before 14 o’clock the day before deliveries.
  • Write a comment, if you have any wishes for delivery time or day, so we will be as efficient on the trip as possible.
  • All orders have to be made on B2B site.

* Remember, only approval customers are able to login to B2B site.

Contact info: 

  • Technical info, website, login: Golf ☎ 26717225
  • Plants, cultivate and harvest: Jesper ☎ 20458233
  • Deliveries: Zygintas ☎ 52710127
  • Anything else: Kung ☎ 26238233