3 December 2023

Dear all
Hope you're all good and able to keep warm.
Jesper, Benjamin and Golf are returning from Cape Verde on Tuesday. We hope the warm weather helped Jesper recover well from his elbow operation. 

From our own fields right now we have black radish, big pumpkins, celeriac, red and white cabbage, celery, baby fennel, green kale, cilantro seeds and potatoes (Glorietta, Alouette small and medium, Elfe small, medium and big for baking and we also have small potatoes for caramelizing).
Apples are Belle de Boskop, Elstar, Holsteiner Cox and Angold and we have Concorde pears.
From Skyttes we have savoy cabbage and from Rønnely we have jerusalem artichokes, leeks, parsnips, onions and carrots (purple and orange). 
We also have garlic from Hvidløg & Vin, Danish candy beets and Italien radicchio in 3 kg boxes.

From Italy we have Clemintines, Navelina oranges, lemons, quince and Bergamotte and we have pink grapefruit from Spain and Conference pears from Holland. 

From Sejerø we have duck and goose and we have poppel pork from Organic Pork.

Restaurant open for events and pop ups
We have closed down the "summer restaurant" for this season but we are happy to host a pop up with any of you, if you would like that.
Contact rikke@birkemosegaard.dk if you have a wish for this.

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With love,
Birkemosegaard ♡

Please remember we deliver Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
No deliveries Thursday, except from restaurants on the Thursday box rute. 

Practical info:

  • Please place your orders before 14 o’clock the day before deliveries.
  • Write a comment, if you have any wishes for delivery time or day, so we will be as efficient on the trip as possible.
  • All orders have to be made on B2B site.

* Remember, only approval customers are able to login to B2B site.

Contact info: 

  • Technical info, website, login: Golf ☎ 26717225
  • Plants, cultivate and harvest: Jesper ☎ 20458233
  • Deliveries: Zygintas ☎ 52710127
  • Kitchen: Rikke ☎ 26740928
  • Anything else: Kung ☎ 26238233