Clementiner "Nardocott"

Avocado Hass 1kg

Avocado Hass 1kg

Appelsin Navelina 1kg

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Øko Spanian.
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Navelina oranges are medium to large in size and are spherical, obovoid, to slightly pear-shaped with a small rounded depression, also known as a navel, on the blossom stem end. The medium-thin rind has a vibrant red-orange hue at maturity and is smooth with a pebbled appearance due to the presence of many oil glands that contain fragrant essential oils. Underneath the surface of the rind, the white pith is spongy, compact, and easily removed from the flesh. The pale orange-yellow pulp is soft, juicy, seedless, and divided into 10-12 segments by thin white membranes. Navelina oranges are aromatic and contain a low amount of acidity, creating an overall sweet flavor.

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